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Welcome to Celebration

Little League!

Welcome to Celebration Little League!

1.       What is my child’s “League Age” and what are the Divisions?

a.       Tee Ball: Ages 4-6
b.       Minor Coach Pitch:  6-8 (6 year olds must have played 1 year of Tee Ball)
c.        Minor Player Pitch: 8-10 (8 year olds must have played 1 year of Coach Pitch)
d.       Majors: 10-12 (10 year olds must have played 1 year of Minor Player Pitch)
e.       Juniors: 13-14
f.         Seniors: 15-16
g.       Challenger

Here is a helpful article to determine your child's "League Age" based on the month and year they were born:
League Age Determination - Little League

2.       How do I register my child for Celebration Little League?

a.       CLL has two seasons per year (spring & fall) with registration typically in December &July.
b.       Please use the online portal to register your player.
c.       Once registration closes we can no longer add players since teams are built based on the number of players registered by the closing date.

3.       How much does it cost to register with CLL?

a.  Our CLL registration fee is $100 for tee ball and $150 for all other divisions in the spring season.

4.       My child is new to baseball/softball, will this be too challenging for him/her?

a. We have a variety of talent within the league and work hard to promote teamwork and leadership. Each practice session focuses on building basic skills. While baseball is a hard sport to master, your child will not be alone as all players are developing. 

5.       What gear will my player need? 

a. Glove
c. Batting Helmet
d. Baseball Pants (White/Gray/Black) - The coach will select the pant color
e. Baseball Belt & Socks – The coach will select the color for belt & socks
f. Baseball Bag (Optional but recommended)
g. Batting Gloves (Optional but recommended)
h. Bat (Optional but recommended: Must be USA Approved)

6.       If my child has never played before or if I have a “safety” concern regarding him/her playing in a specific division, what do I do?

a. Please discuss your concerns with a Board member at registration. 

b.  If your concerns arise after they have been placed with a team, please discuss with your child’s Manager, the League President or Player Agent.  Safety is always our biggest concern for all players.  There are, however, age requirements/restrictions set in place by “Little League International”, our league’s governing body, and we will do our best to come up with a suitable solution for your player.

7.       When will we be contacted by my child’s coach?

a.  Once the draft has been completed for the spring,, usually within a week after evaluations, you will be contacted by your child’s Coach.  In the fall, once rosters are set, they will be sent out to everyone on the team.

8.       How many practices and games will I have per week?

a.  Generally, you will have 1 practice and 1-2 games during the week. A: Practice dates and times are set by each individual team coach. Once teams are formed, your team coach will reach out to you with details on how the season will go for practices. 

b. Game dates and times are set by the league and are created after all teams are finalized.

GENERALLY, tee ball plays on Saturday mornings, coach pitch plays on Thursday or Friday nights, player pitch plays on Thursday or Friday nights, Majors plays on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s and are likely to travel to teams outside of Celebration, Juniors & Seniors will likely have one week day and one weekend game. *These days are subject to change.

9.       Are Board Members, Managers, Coaches, Team Moms, etc. compensated?

a.  NO!  CLL is run by volunteers who are NOT compensated.  The League’s success is entirely dependent on our volunteers who donate their personal time to help make CLL successful.

b.  If you like the way our League is run, thank every Board Member, Manager/Coach, Team Mom and volunteer that you see.  If you have suggestions or ideas about how to make CLL even better, please share them directly with us and consider becoming a Board Member.  We’d love an opportunity to improve our League with your help.  

10.       What if my child plays other team sports, or is involved in other outside activities.  Can they still play in CLL?

a.  Yes.  We understand that many of our CLL players are also involved in other team sports, school activities, etc.  These activities usually require a time consuming commitment,  CLL also requires a commitment.  

b.  We ask that you use your best judgment when it comes to practices and games and discuss with your CLL Managers as well as other coaches or leaders at the beginning of the season.  Most OUTSIDE ACTIVITY coaches or leaders will not expect you to miss a Little League game to attend OUTSIDE ACTIVITY practices or games.  Practice time conflicts will need to be worked out between the parent and Managers at the beginning of each season.    

If you have any other questions, please email us at [email protected].


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